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Basement Waterproofing In Kenmore NY Will Prevent Leaks and Damage To Your Foundation

A basement that leaks needs to be fixed with a waterproofing system that has proven to be successful in restoring the integrity of basement walls. Otherwise, the leaks will become larger and cause more serious damage to the foundation. Basement waterproofing Kenmore NY is a task for a drainage contractor who knows all of the options for drying up leaky basements and keeping surface runoff away from your foundation. Hydrostatic pressure caused by the weight and force of underground water will cause leaks by forcing water into basement wall cracks.

The foundation will be adversely affected by continuous leaks. If left untreated, the resulting structural damage can cause parts of a home to sink or the walls to crack. Then the repairs are much more costly to make.

One effective method is an exterior subsoil drain system designed to keep water away from your home so it doesn’t get near the basement walls in the first place. This method involves a perforated piping system installed in a trench that is 16 inches deep and surrounded by gravel. This piping system is covered by soil, decorative gravel or mulch.  This is also referred to as a french drain.

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Village of Kenmore


If necessary, the same type of drainage system can be installed around the exterior of the basement floor. Often, this is necessary because the home was built without effective foundation drainage.

Once the source of the leaks has been fixed, crack repair work should be undertaken to repair the damage to the basement walls and reinforce the foundation. This will also prevent the further incursion of water into the basement.

Generally, a trench is dug around the basement and layers of waterproofing material are attached to the walls after a waterproofing substance is applied to the walls. Then a membrane can be applied and more waterproofing material applied over the membrane. This is just one of the methods used for basement waterproofing in Kenmore, NY.  And other methods are available, depending on the vulnerability of the areas of the foundation.

A sump pump can be installed below the basement floor slab to collect water from the drain tiles when these cannot let the water out fast enough to prevent damage to the foundation. It discharges any water that the sump pump tank collects through a tube that allows the water to be pumped to an area outside of the home. Sump pumps can be equipped with a battery backup system so that it will function when the power goes out. Not every home has drain tiles, but a perimeter system of drain tiles would be useful if the hydrostatic pressure cannot be controlled.

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