How to Finish a Basement

How To Finish a Basement The Easy Way
By Amy G

Getting your basement finished is not as complicated as you might think. There are a few easy steps to go through, and then you have the basement of your dreams.

You’re already imagining that new home theater down there right? Well, stay focused a bit and learn how to finish a basement before you get to the fun stuff you will do with once completed. Here are the simple 5 steps that will guide you through the process on how to finish a basement.

1. Waterproofing – You will need to create a waterproof basement first. Do not skip this step. The concrete in your basement is porous.

Untreated concrete soaks up water and dampness through a process known as ‘wicking’. The water and dampness damages the integrity of the cement. When you seal your cement, water and dampness are no longer able to soak into the cement and damage it.

This is a major step in learning how to finish a basement. It is crucial if you want to protect your basement and everything in it.

2. Choose your lighting. Most of the time there is poor lighting in basements. Depending upon what you want to do with your basement, there may be a need to enhance the lighting of your basement.

For example, if you were a photographer, the dungeon-style room would be great for developing pictures; otherwise, you might need to add new fixtures and wires.

When adding new wires, you should consult a certified electrician. Even if you already know how to finish a basement, you should seek help with the wiring. You want your new basement to be shocking, but not literally!

If you want more natural light, consider adding or expanding your basement windows.

3. Get your basement insulated. If your basement is not already insulated, this is vital. A lot of insulation is important for keeping the weather temperatures out. It’s also beneficial for a few other things. For example, your heating and cooling bills.

If you don’t have proper insulation, you will lose a lot of money through cool air and warm air loss. Your air systems will work double time to heat and cool your basement. Make sure that you have an adequate amount of insulation.

4. Think about your floors. When you are learning how to finish your basement, an important thing to think about is your floor. You may want different types of flooring depending upon what your awesome plan is for your finished basement. Indoor/Outdoor carpet is a great selection for a basement. It goes the extra step to keep the dampness out, and it’s really easy to clean and take care of.

5. Finish your walls. You will need to cover your insulation or OSB board with something to protect it, and to look great. Sheetrock is okay, but an even better idea is some kind of paneling. If there is any dampness left, sheetrock will soak it up. You could go ahead with the sheetrock and coat it with some kind of sealer if you prefer.

Great job! I told you it wasn’t hard to learn []how to finish a basement. Now you are ready to make your basement the coolest thing on the block. Good luck with your project.

Remember, before you can finish your basement, it needs to be waterproofed!  For more information, check out our Waterproofing Services page.

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